Registry of Sponsorship Groups

Once you register your sponsorship group with Refugee 613, you will be able to receive important and useful information specific to private sponsors in Ottawa. When more Arabic interpretation services are launched, when a local business has a discount service to offer refugees or when Refugee 613 has new workshops on housing, health or cultural sensitivity, we'll use this list to let you know. The registry will also enable us to better understand the size and scope of the city's private sponsorship efforts — how many groups there are, what needs they have and how we can better support their efforts.

Refugee 613 will not make your contact information public. However, by registering with us, you agree to the occasional and limited sharing of your group's contact information with a small number of key partners working on refugee sponsorship, such as local settlement agencies and other service providers. We will screen all proposed messages to ensure only communication with clear value to sponsorship groups is circulated.

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1. If you have given your sponsorship group a name, please enter it below.
2. Please provide details for your group's main point of contact, including the email address you would like Refugee 613 to use for information and updates:
3. Please provide an alternate contact for your group:
4a. What type of sponsorship group have you formed?
4b. If you are a Group of 5, can you please let us know if you are working with any local agencies for guidance and support?
4c. If you are a Constituent Group working with a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, please specify which Sponsorship Agreement Holder or local representative you are working with:
4d. If you are a community group (for example, soccer club, service organization, etc...) please indicate the name of the community group.
5a. Please choose the description that most closely fits your group's status.
5b. If your sponsorship application has been approved, have you been notified that your newcomers will be arriving in:
5c. If your sponsored newcomers have landed (settlement under way), can you tell us what month they landed in:
6. How many sponsorship cases is your group undertaking?
7a. Is your group focusing on sponsoring refugees from a certain country or region?
7b. If so, please specify which region (you can choose more than one).
8. Please use the space below to add any additional comments or details you would like to share.
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