Give Money

Financial contributions are the most effective way to support refugee resettlement. When you donate money to a sponsorship program, you're helping to bring a refugee to safety. When you donate to settlement services, you're helping that newcomer receive essential support to begin his or her new life in Ottawa, such as language classes, employment advice, mental health counselling and social support. Below, we have provided a list of the Ottawa organizations accepting donations to sponsor refugees and support settlement.


Donate to a joint fundraising campaign


Donate directly to Ottawa agencies that facilitate the sponsorship and integration of refugees


Donate to Refugee 613


Thank you again for your generosity!


If you’re interested in donating furniture, housing or clothing, please click on the buttons below for more information.


And if you have more to give, don’t forget that many people, groups and organizations in Ottawa also need your support!



Will I get a tax receipt?

Yes, all the above charities issue tax receipts.


How do I know my money gets to where I want it to go?

Please read the details on each organization's site before making your donation so you know where it is going and the impact it will have.


If I donate to an agency that supports sponsorship, can I know who the individual refugee or family is? Can I meet them?

You will have to ask the agency if that is possible.


How do I know where my money is most needed?

All areas of settlement and sponsorship need funds right now — choose the route that feels right for your interests.


Aren't there more settlement agencies in Ottawa?

Ottawa is fortunate to have several settlement agencies serving the thousands of immigrants who arrive in a typical year. We have listed only those most actively involved in serving the immediate needs of refugees and sponsorship groups. To donate or learn more about the work of other settlement agencies, visit their web sites:

WorldSkills – A recognized leader in responding to the needs of the local labour market while promoting the skills and talents of immigrants.

Immigrant Women's Services of Ottawa - A community-based social service agency providing the highest quality of culturally appropriate services to immigrant women and their children.

The Newcomer Information Centre – A program run by the YMCA/YWCA of the National Capital Region to provide free information and referral services to newcomers.

Lebanese and Arab Social Services of Ottawa-Carleton - An agency that facilitates and expedites the settlement and integration of new Canadians in general, and Arabic-speaking ones in particular.

Le Conseil Économique et Social d’Ottawa Carleton (CÉSOC) -  An agency promoting the cultural and linguistic diversity of Ottawa,s specifically through meeting the settlement needs of Francophone immigrants.

Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre - A non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to advancing the full integration of newcomers, immigrants and people of Chinese descent in the City of Ottawa.


What about donating to agencies working abroad? Isn't it important to support refugees who aren't in Canada?

Absolutely — any support to refugees is welcome. We highlight local options above, but you can also donate to one of the humanitarian agencies doing excellent work abroad. Here are a few options: