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Our new volunteer management
system is up and running!

Event planner Rachel Tweedy helped make our December sponsorship training sessions a big success.


Ottawa's response to the refugee crisis has been overwhelming. More than 5,000 residents have offered to volunteer for Refugee 613 – a number so large that we struggled to keep up and respond to every offer. We're grateful for your patience and understanding as we worked on developing a solution. The work has paid off and we are excited to launch our new volunteer management platform using Kindness Connect, a web platform that will allow us to better match volunteers with volunteering opportunities.

Now you can connect to the Refugee 613 section of Kindness Connects where you will be able to create a volunteer profile, view volunteer opportunities and apply for them online:  https://www.kindnessconnect.com/refugee613-refugie613/

  • You must create a profile in order to apply for a position.
  • By creating a profile, you allow us to share your information with our partners in settlement and sponsorship services who are looking for volunteers. We will forward your information if your skills, interests and availability match our partners’ needs.
  • Since we are dealing with a vulnerable population, most positions will require candidates to undergo a formal interview process and screening.
  • For general inquiries about volunteering, you can still email volunteer@refugee613.ca

The contribution of our volunteers and the difference they make cannot be overstated. We already have made a significant contribution to Ottawa's refugee resettlement efforts in large part because of a dedicated crew of volunteers. They plan and deliver sponsorship training, translate material, facilitate workshops, design promotional material, develop web tools, lead task forces and design outreach programs.

In the coming weeks, we will need even more help. In fact, with the launch of our web platform, we are posting volunteer positions for Communications Officers, Donor Relations Officers, and more. Head over to Kindness Connect to read about the positions and see if they're right for you.

Many skilled professionals already work in the field of refugee resettlement, but our community is welcoming a far higher number of newcomers than usual, and they can't do it all. Volunteers are the face of our community. Together we create the welcoming environment that make refugees feel safe and at home in their new country.

Create your profile and start making a difference!