Everything but the kitchen sink

Starting life in a strange new city can be overwhelming. Having a home outfitted with furniture and household goods can provide comfort, hope and dignity.

Refugee 613 does not collect or distribute donated items, but we support the work of local agencies that collect gently used chairs, tables, bedframes, smaller household goods and more.

Each of these organizations has a demonstrated track record of providing services to refugees and other living on low incomes. If you have furniture to donate, please contact them directly for details.

Matthew House Ottawa: Furniture Bank provides furniture free of charge to low-income individuals and families, including refugees. They operate a pick-up service starting at $60 for your donated furniture.  A tax receipt is available. Please see their website for more information, including prices www.matthewhouseottawa.org.

Helping With Furniture is a volunteer-run group that operates a free weekly pick-up service for furniture donations to refugees and other displaced people. Helping With Furniture volunteers assemble orders to deliver to refugees. Visit their web site for more information. http://www.hwfottawa.org/furniture

Salvation Army Ottawa has a pick-up service for furniture donations. Visit their web site for details and then call 613-247-1435 to arrange pick-up. http://www.thriftstore.ca/ottawa/donating-goods

Homeful.ca connects donors of furniture to the refugee community directly with an online digital bulletin board.   To make a donation, register your account by visiting http://www.homeful.ca/register/ or to benefit from the donations as a refugee or sponsorship group, or email refugeelogin@homeful.ca and you will receive a special login code so that you can browse the site and make a wish list.

Please make sure you do not donate any furniture or household items that are heavily damaged or worn — broken lampshade and wobbly chair need not apply! It costs organizations time and money to dispose of unsuitable items.


Do refugees need donated furniture?

Government-assisted refugees receive financial support for acquiring new furniture, but often there is a need to supplement with some smaller items. Privately sponsored refugees have the help of their sponsors, who gather donated or bought furniture from their own networks and occasionally from the above organizations. Refugee claimants — those who ask for asylum on arrival at the border and are awaiting a government hearing to determine their status — are in the most need of donated furniture, and are served by the agencies listed above.

Will my donations of furniture go to Syrian refugees?

None of these organizations can guarantee donated items will go specifically to a Syrian refugee — only that they will be given to a refugee or other vulnerable person in our community.

Will all of these organizations pick up furniture?

Each organization has a different policy with regards to picking up and distributing furniture. Please see each organization’s web site for more details.

What furniture is most or least needed?

We strongly urge you to contact these organizations to see what they accept first, especially if you have a large quantity of donations, as many are currently working at, or near, capacity. Please see each organization’s web site for more details.