Sponsorship Training and Legal Advice

Tools for a better sponsorship experience

Successful sponsorship takes more than money and time — it takes commitment to the process and to empowering the refugees you sponsor right from the moment of arrival. We strongly urge you to seek out tools to prepare the best sponsorship application possible, and to learn about the challenges, services and opportunities of the refugee settlement experience. Here are a few.

Legal Advice

The Refugee Sponsorship Support Program (SSP) is a nation-wide project that trains lawyers to assist groups to complete the applications for private sponsorship. Working in partnership with the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP), the SSP provides lawyers with training and expert support on the sponsorship process so they can provide pro bono advice in navigating the sponsorship application process. The program was created by the Refugee Hub at the University of Ottawa, and now has chapters helping sponsor groups in cities across Canada. 
Sponsors: If you would like the assistance of a SSP Pro Bono Lawyer to complete the sponsorship application forms, please email refugeessp@uottawa.ca 

Ottawa lawyers: if you would like to become an SSP Pro Bono Lawyer please email refugeessp@uottawa.ca for more details on how to get involved. 


Refugee 613 works with community partners to develop training workshops for sponsors.  

Sponsorship 101: An evening's introduction to the basic concepts of sponsorship, local resources and an opportunity to network with experienced sponsors and people interested in forming groups. Created in collaboration with RSTP and the Coalition in Ottawa for Refugees (COR). Intended for those looking for more information before committing to a sponsorship.  

Sponsorship 201: A four-hour, in-depth overview of key concepts in sponsorship, including ethics, group dynamics and building a settlement plan. Created in collaboration with the Coalition in Ottawa for Refugees (COR). Intended for people who have formed a group and are in the early stages of the sponsorship process. 

Health 101 and Housing 101: Delivered in partnership with Refugee 613’s partners agencies and experts, these workshops give sponsors and other volunteers an overview of the service available to support refugees in these areas, as well as advice on being an ethical advocate for refugees.

Refugee 613 delivered a series of workshops in the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016. We plan to offer more in the fall of 2016. Visit our News and Events pages for updates on upcoming sessions, or email info@refugee613.ca to let us know you’d like to attend a training session.

Refugee Sponsorship Training Program: RSTP often hosts free webinars on sponsorship processes in addition to online training courses on the topics of resettlement and private sponsorship of refugees. Visit their web site or call toll-free 1-877-290-1701 for more information.